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52 Ancestor's Challenge - Absalom Jackson - Chambers County, Alabama -Week 24

Will of Absalom Jackson dated August 29, 1838 in Chambers Co., AL
Copy found in probate file, in Chambers County Estates Box 16, Folder 43
Absalom Jackson was my 5th great grandfather on my mother's side of the family.  For a long time I had a hunch that the name of my 4th great grandmother, Palmira Jackson Miles' father was Absalom, but couldn't be sure.  Naming practices in the south are what I relied on.  I knew her and her husband had twin boys (the oldest boys of the family), and I knew their names were Absalom and John.  We believe Palmira's husband, Robert Miles' father was John Miles of Georgia, so it was safe to assume that Palmira's father was probably named Absalom.

So who was Absalom Jackson? As far as I can tell, he was born somewhere between 1781 and 1790, in either South Carolina or Georgia (I'm leaning toward South Carolina though). There is another Absalom Jackson who lived in Georgia. He was a land surveyor and has many, many documents with his name on file. But, we can safely rule out that these are two different men. The land surveyor was quite a bit older and is the same Absalom Jackson that died in 1793 in Camden County. He was married to Phareba Webster, and is not the Absalom we are talking about today.

The first record of our Absalom, that I can find, is the 1820 Federal Census. He is living with his family in Capt. Buckhalter's District, Jones County, GA. In the household are the following:
2 males under 10; 1 male age 16-25; 1 male age 16-44; 2 females under 10; 2 females age 10-15; 2 females age 16-25; 1 female age 45 or older
We know the 2 youngest males are not Absalom's sons.  Absalom and Abigail took in two boys after their mother died.  Hideon and Richard Moore were the twin sons of Joseph Iddings (or Idens, Hideon) Moore and his wife Jane.  I've been given notes about this Moore family, and it seems there was a family bible.  In the bible it states Jane died March 4, 1817 after giving birth to twins on February 25, 1817.  In the 1820 Federal Census, we see Hideon, or Iddens Moore, living a couple households away from Absalom Jackson.  I believe Absalom and his family raised these boys, or at least had a lot to do with the raising of these boys.  Both Hideon and Richard were mentioned in Absalom's will, and Hideon named two of his children after Absalom and his wife Abigail.

I believe the other male age 16-25 was the husband of Absalom's daughter Elizabeth.  Her husband was named Thomas Jefferson Brooks.  His father is thought to be Robert Brooks, Sr., who also lives just a few households away from Absalom.  His father, Robert, is listed as living alone in 1820.

In the 1830 Federal Census, we see Absalom moved his family to Meriwether County, GA.  He is listed with the following in his household:
2 males age 10-15, 1 male age 40-50, 2 females age 10-15, 2 females age 20-30, and one female age 50-60.
Again, the 2 boys were probably Hideon and Richard Moore. 

By 1838, the family had moved their way into Alabama, settling in Chambers County.  Absalom made out his will and signed it August 29, 1838.  It can be found in volume 1, page 204.  It was entered into court on October 5, 1838.  Here is a copy of what it says:
"Know all men by these presents that I Absolom Jackson while in my proper mind without the persuasion of any person or persons whatsoever, do bequeath unto my Daughter Phebe one feather bed and furniture also do bequeath unto my daughter Abigail, one feather bed and furniture.  Also I do bequeath unto my Daughter Mary, one feather bed and furniture and I further do bequeath to my Wife Abigal Jackson two sorrel horses one four years old and the other three years old last spring also one cart and yoke of oxen, and all the balance of the cattle and hogs and also the crop that is now growing on the place whre I now live for the use of my wife Abigal and family that now lives with me and her also and to remain, and also to all the household and kitchen furniture on this place where on I now live, and to be supported by Hideans and Richard Moore so long as she, that is my wife Abigal lives or remains a widow and the two horses and yoke of oxen and cart with all the balance of the cattle and hogs or so much as remains at her death or marriage there to be sold and equally divided between all my lawful heirs and all the balance of my property to be sold according to law, with the exception of two forty acres lots of land in the Cherokee County in Georgia that is if Jefferson Brooks will go and sell them according to a previous contract between him and me and return the one half of the price to be divided between all the heirs and the balance sold and equally divided together with all the debts due to me after all of my debts are discharged.
(enter line before assigned)
Know all men by these presents that I , Absolom Jackson do here by appoint my wife Abigal Jackson and John F. Sharp as my executors and administrators.  Assigned sealed and acknowledged in the presence of us this the 29th day of August 1838." 
The will was witnessed by Thompson Reeves, Edmond Jackson, and Richard Gordon.  Absalom signed it with his mark.

The will was given to the Orphans Court and entered into record with the following statement:
"I Joseph I. Williams, Clerk of the Orphans Court of said county do hereby certify that the above is a true copy of a paper admitted to record in this office as the last will and testament of Absolom Jackson late of this county, deceased.  Given under my hand and private seal there being no seal of office yet provided this 5th day of October A.D. 1838."
So, Absalom died somewhere between August 29th and October 5th of 1838, in Chambers County, AL.  The entire probate file can be found in Chambers County Estates Box 16, Folder 43.  From his probate file, we know his children were as follows:
  • Elizabeth who married Thomas Jefferson Brooks, Sr.
  • Mathilda who married Jethro Hamblin
  • Phebe who married William Thompson
  • Epsey who married William C. Hamilton
  • Palmyra who married Robert P. Miles
  • Abigail who married William C. Stephens
  • Mary who married Royal Floyd Tucker
Phebe, Abigail, and Mary were all unmarried at the time of Absalom's death.  All of his daughters remained in Alabama, mostly around Chambers and Tallapoosa Counties.  Palmira moved with her family to Fayette County by 1860.  Abigail Jackson, Absalom's wife is shown once more in the 1840 Federal Census.  I believe her and her daughters were living with Hideon Moore.  The entry on the census reads Hideon Jackson.  In the household are one male age 20-30, one female age 10-15, one female age 15-20, 2 females age 20-30, and one female age 50-60.  If Hideon was taking care of Absalom's wife and children after his death, it is quite possible the name was mixed up.

What Jackson line is Absalom from??

This is the question I'm currently working on.  So many people are doing research on the different lines of Jacksons in the southeast.  Everyone has a different theory.  I have an assumption of my own.  I have no proof for this, so don't quote me on it, but I believe these Absaloms all come from the same line of Jacksons. 

First, I believe, the Absalom Jackson who died in Camden County, GA in 1793 was born about 1750.  He had ties to the Quakers and the Society of Friends in Wrightsboro, GA.  His father may have been Benjamin Jackson.  Benjamin Jackson also had another son named Walter.  I believe this Walter might be the father of our Absalom.  Walter also had another son named James.  James married Temperance Motley, and they had a son named Absalom born February 26, 1805 in Georgia.  This Absalom married Emma Bolling Hall and lived in Autauga County, AL.  This line of Jacksons is said to have come from Ireland in the early 1700s.

It is said that the Moore family from which Hideon and Richard came from were also related to Quakers, and the Society of Friends.

For now, these are all assumptions, and nothing is 100% acurate without any paperwork to back it up.  Like I said, DON'T QUOTE ME ON THIS!  It is all a work in progress!!

If you have any questions, or concerns, about any of the information listed above, please leave a comment. I'd be happy to provide any additional information. Thanks for reading!!



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  3. Thank you for sharing this. The younger Absalom Jackson 1805-1870 (Son of James and Temperance) was my GGG-Grandfather. Your information lines up with mine. Benjamin Jackson and his Father Thomas Jackson migrated to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1717 from Ireland.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing a lot of this good content! I am looking forward to seeing more!
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  5. Thank you so much for sharing all of the good info! I am looking forward to checking out more posts!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing all of the good info! I am looking forward to checking out more posts!

  7. Just happened upon this. Glad you wrote it! Moore Reeves, and Motley are all in my tree. This is great information. Thank you.

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  9. Starting my comparison and find my Joseph Iddings Moore had son Absalom Jackson Moore and daughter Abigail Moore. I love knowing why! Thank you.

  10. I just found this website, thanks for posting. I am also trying to sort out these Jackson's who kept using the same names over and over, Absalom, Benjamin, Isaac.

    There were two other Absalom Jackson's who lived in Wilkinson Co Georgia and appear in the 1830 and 1840 censuses. One was the son of William whose will is all over the internet and the other I believe is my GGG grandfather Joseph Absalom who was a Jr, son of Joseph Absalom Sr, whose father was reportedly a Benjamin.

    I have seen stories and family trees linking the Absalom who died in 1793 in St Marys GA as being the son of Walter.

    One thing I can attest to for sure, I am a male Jackson descendent and my YDNA is haplogroup I1 or now classified in some places as I-M253 in the new nomenclature. This is the same as numerous decendents of the Quaker Jackson's you referenced as well as Brunswick Co VA Jacksons, so they are all part of a big clan I would bet.

    If you have a male descendent Jackson around who can be tested you can see if this is your clan too!

    1. Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, my closest male Jackson is the Absalom I wrote about above. My direct maternal line leads to him. His daughter Palmira Jackson Miles is my 4th great grandmother, and direct maternal line.

      I've just started looking at DNA research. I've done the family finder through Ancestry.com, but still trying to sort it all out.

      Thanks for reading my post, and good luck with your research!!

  11. As I was exercising today here in St. Marys, GA I walked past the grave of the other Absalom Jackson. This is very interesting!

  12. As I was exercising today here in St. Marys, GA I walked past the grave of the other Absalom Jackson. This is very interesting!