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52 Ancestors Challenge - Week 10 - Matilda Ann Miles - Not To Be Forgotten...

It's been 10 weeks now into 2014, and we're at our #10 post for the 52 Ancestors Challenge started by Amy Johnson Crow.  This week I've decided to focus on an individual who had been forgotten through time.  We've all probably come across these individuals throughout our research.  A distant family member who died before they should have.  Before having children and leaving a legacy to go on after them.  I feel it is our duty to write about these people, share their story, so they won't be forgotten.

In this case, I will be talking about the sister of my great, great, great grandmother.  Her name was Matilda Ann Miles.  Researching my family for many years, it was only recently that we came to find this Matilda was probably part of our line. 

Matilda was the daughter of Robert P. Miles and Palmira E. Jackson.  What year she was born exactly, I'm not sure.  Her tombstone is hard to read, but I believe it says she was born "January 1840."  If so, Robert and Palmira were living in Harris County, Georgia during the 1840 census.  So she would probably have been born somewhere around there.  She may have been named after Palmira's sister Matilda Jackson who married Jethro Hamlin.

There is no census record with Matilda's name on it...she isn't shown, or listed by name, with the family, nor do I have any bible records passed down showing her.  The only proof I have that Matilda Miles is related to Robert and Palmira Miles, is a picture of the gravestone in Stowe's Cemetery for her.   It looks like it says she is the daughter of "R & P Miles".  I saved a copy of the stone, but I'm hesitant to add it to this post.  I have in my notes that I found it on, but today as I write this, it is not showing online on their website anymore.  I'll just have to make a trip to Stowe's Cemetery in Alexander City, Tallapoosa County, Alabama some day.  There's so much research I'd love to do in Tallapoosa and Chambers Counties!!  Maybe one day!!

Here is the other proof I have that makes me believe Matilda belonged to our family:
  • 1840 US census shows Robert living in Hueys District, Harris County, GA with 5 females: 2 under 5, 2 ages 5-10, and one age 30-40 (Palmira).
    • Daughters we know for sure are:
      • Elizabeth born 1834
      • Lucinda born 1835
      • Margaret born 1839
      • If Matilda was born January 1840, she could be the second girl under 5.
  • 1850 US census can not be found for the Robert P. Miles family...I've looked and looked, but it must not exist!!
  • 1855 Alabama state census shows Robert living in Tallapoosa County, AL with 4 females under the age of 21.
    • Daughter Elizabeth was married and living with husband John H.M. Vines and no longer in the house. This leaves the following daughters living in the household:
      • Lucinda age 20
      • Margaret age 16
      • Another daughter, Alevia, was born in 1844 and would be about 11 years old.
      • Matilda would have been 15, and could have been this 4th girl.
  • 1856 We have a marriage record found for Matilda A. Miles and William G.U. Stow in Dadeville, Tallapoosa County, Alabama - near where the Miles family was living.
Marriage Record for William G.U. Stow and Matilda A. Miles
September 9, 1856, Dadeville, Tallapoosa County, Alabama
Found online at

  • 1860 US census shows Robert Miles living in Fayette County, AL with his wife and 6 of their kids: Margaret, John, Absalom, Alevia, Robert, and William. There are also others living in the household: "Green Stoe", and the William C. Manasco family of 5.
    • I believe this "Green Stoe" could be the same William G.U. Stowe that was in Tallapoosa, who married Matilda Miles. He could have moved with the family after Matilda and his son died.  Further research on him shows his full name was probably William Green Uptegrove Stowe, son of Abraham Robinson Stowe and Sallie Frances Poindexter who were living near Stowe's Ferry, Tallapoosa County, AL.
  • In 1859, Elizabeth Miles, Robert and Palmira's oldest daughter, gave birth to a girl. She named this girl Matilda. Could she have named her after her sister who passed away? I believe this was the case.
From the research I've done on William G.W. Stowe (possibly the same William Green Uptegrove Stowe?), he married in 1861 to Sarah H. Wamack in Tuscaloosa, AL. This William G. Stowe is in the 1910 US census with his wife Sarah and family. The census is blurry, but looks like it says it was his 2nd marriage.

To absolutely confirm that Matilda Ann Miles was the daughter of Robert and Palmira Miles, I've been looking for the 1850 census, but again have had no luck.

One last, and very important item about Matilda, is the fact that she most likely died in childbirth.  Buried with her is her one and only child Robert A. Stowe.  It is inscribed on the stone under Matilda's information "ALSO are infant son Robert A. Stowe."  Two young souls gone too soon.

If you have any questions, or concerns, about the information in this post, please leave me a message. I'd be happy to answer any questions or share what information I have on the individuals listed above. Thanks for reading!!

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