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#52Ancestors Challenge - Week 6 - Herod Gibson - Gibson County, TN to De Soto, Jefferson County, MO

Well, I've had a bit of a dilema on who to write about this week.  Originally, I thought I would alternate each week from my maternal side of the family to my paternal side.  However, I think I'm going to stick to one side for a while.  This way I can just keep researching the same line as I go instead of jumping back and forth.

With that said, we'll continue the 52 Ancestors Challenge that was proposed by Amy Johnson Crow.  Last week, I wrote about William Francis Gibson.  This week, we'll take a look at his father, Herod Gibson.

Herod was born October 10, 1836 in Gibson County, Tennessee.  He was the son of Alexander Gibson and Melinda (unknown).  Both of his parents are believed to be from South Carolina.  It is my guess that they may be from Union, South Carolina, but that is speculation at this point.  We believe his possible siblings were:
  • William H. - b.1832 in South Carolina
  • Margaret (or Martha) - b. 1834 in Tennessee
  • John A. - b. 1839 in Tennessee
  • James J. - b. 1841 in Tennessee
  • Green B.J. (or Jefferson) - b. 1843 in Tennessee
In 1840, we can find the family of Alexander Gibson living in Gibson County, Tennessee (at this time, I do not know if they are related to Col. John H. Gibson, who the county was named after).  There are 2 boys under the age of 5, one age 5-10, one girl age 5-10, one adult male age 20-30 and one adult female age 20-30. 

The 1850 census has the family living in District 2, Carroll County, Tennesee.  Here we see Alexander and William working as farmers.

By 1858 we know the family moved to Missouri.  There is a marriage record for Herod Gibson and Sarah Jane Patterson.  They were married on August 15, 1858 in Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri.  We aren't sure who Sarah's parents were, however, there is a James Patterson and a Sarah A. Patterson living in Madison County, Missouri (Madison is near Ste. Genevieve).  This James and Sarah A. have a daughter named Sarah J M Patterson, and she is the same age as the Sarah who married Herod.

In 1860, we find Herod and wife Sarah living in the household of Alexander Gibson in Ste. Genevieve Township, Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri.  We also see their first child, William Francis, living with them at the age of six months.

In 1861, we can see Herod enlisted for the Confederacy, as a private in Company C, of the 5th Regimental Infantry, 1st Division, Missouri State Guard.  He enlisted for the term of 3 months and 21 days.  His brother John also enlisted in the State Guard.  On, there is a "Union citizen File" on John A. Gibson.  Apparently, John was "arrested upon the charge of giving aid and comfort to the enemies of the United States, and of other acts of disloyalty."  This was signed by John, Herod, and William (Herod's older brother) on June 25, 1862 in Ste. Genevieve.  Herod and William were acting as security for the sum of $1,000, and John was instructed not to leave the county of Ste. Genevieve.  We can see by the signatures that Herod and John signed with a mark, while William signed his name.  Herod could not read or write.

Also found on, we find Herod was drafted into the Union Army on September 22, 1864.  He is shown in Company H of the 18th Missouri Infantry.  They describe him as having a dark complextion, brown hair, brown eyes, and 6 feet 1/2 inch.  He was enlisted in Ironton, Missouri for the term of 1 year.  We also see he filed for pention on July 15, 1890.  According to his obituary, he was in "Sherman's march to the sea.  He served until the close of the war and was honorably discharged from the service."  According to The Civil War Archive, online, the 18th MO Inf. was mustered out July 18, 1865 from Louisville, Kentucky.

Between his time in service with the Confederacy and Union Armies, Herod and Sarah had 2 more children: Ida Ann born December 17, 1863, and Mary Emma born March 20, 1864.  Unfortunately, Ida Ann died on July 5, 1865, just prior to Herod's discharge.  After he returned, the couple had one more child, Sarah Jane born October 9, 1866.  However, just after the birth of their daughter Sarah Jane, Herod's wife Sarah passed away (possibly due to complications of the birth), on October 19, 1866.  Now Herod, just back from war and ready to carry on with his life, was left widowed with 3 small children.

In 1980, in De Soto, Missouri, there was a Gibson family reunion.  There was a wall with different stories posted, the following was one of those posts, by Olive Gibson (Herod's granddaughter):

"Great Grandfather Herod Gibson was in the fields a working and one of the little Gibson children (a girl) was left to watch the baby.  She was sitting before the fireplace, holding the baby, and it tumbled from her lap and rolled into the fireplace and it died."

The infant that died was the youngest, Sarah Jane.  She died November 5, 1867.  She would have been just over one year.  The girl watching her might have been Mary Emma, however, it could have been a Gibson cousin, we just aren't sure.  Mary Emma would have only been 3 years old, so I hesitate to believe she would have been watching her younger sister.

1870, we find Herod, William Francis, and Mary Emma living in Central Township, Jefferson County, Missouri.  They're living next door to William, Herod's brother, and his family.  Both Herod and William are shown working on the railroad.

By 1880, we see Herod and his 2 children living on Lewis Street in De Soto, Jefferson County, Missouri.  This time, Herod's mother, Melinda, is shown living with the family.  Herod is listed as working as a laborer.  Melinda died just nine years later on November 12, 1889.

By 1900 both William Francis and Mary Emma married and had children of their own.  On the 1900 federal census, we see Herod living in the household of William Francis on Cedar, in Valle Township, City of De Soto, Jefferson County, Missouri.  I'm not sure how big the house was, but I'm guessing it would have been busy.  The census shows 14 people living in the house: William Francis, his wife, their 9 children, Herod, Mary Emma (Herod's daughter), and Mary Emma's two daughters.  Mary Emma was widowed by this time.  Her husband, William H. Brown, died in a caboose accident.  Herod was shown working as a day laborer in 1900.

If you recall my previous post on William Francis Gibson, then you know he and his wife died of "consumption" (tuberculosis) in 1904, leaving behind 9 children.  By 1910, we see Herod living on East Main Street in De Soto, Jefferson County, Missouri with his daughter Mary Emma Brown and her two daughters Cleo and Ethel.  He was working as a laborer for the railroad.  The family was still living on the same street (possibly the same house) in 1920, but Herod was not working anymore.  He could have retired, he was 83 years old at this time.

The picture to the right is of Herod.  The 3 women in the photo are unknown to me, but I'm guessing it is Mary Emma and her two daughters.  Mary Emma Gibson Brown died in 1923.  She is buried in the City Cemetery in De Soto, MO.

According to notes that were given to me from other family members, Herod was living with Ethel and Homer Milhouser (Ethel was Herod's granddaughter), at 1906 Missouri Avenue in St. Louis, MO, when he died July 13, 1926.  Cause of death was chronic bronchitus, non-tubercular, brought on by old age.  The note said he was 87 years 9 months and 3 days (but that does not match with the birthdate we have in our family records).  Herod is buried next to his mother, Melinda, in the City Cemetery, De Soto, MO.

Herod did indeed live a very long life.  He outlived his parents, his wife, all four of his children, and 2 grandchildren. 

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