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#52 Ancestor's Challenge 2015 - Claibourne Kidd - Tennessee to Missouri - Week 2

Week #2 is here.  This week's theme for the 52 Ancestor's Challenge, started by Amy Johnson Crow, is "King."  I thought about this one all week.  A bit of a struggle, I must say.  So I've decided to go another route.
This week I've decided to write about my 4th great grandfather, Claibourne N. Kidd.  His name is one of the many interesting names I can find in my tree.  I just love it!  I don't know any personal stories passed down on him.  I just have what I can find in my basic research.
Claibourne N. Kidd was born November 21, 1826 in Tennessee.  The date is from his gravestone and birth state from census records.  I believe he may have been the son of James and Francis Kidd, per other's research I've seen online.  We can find Claibourne in the 1850 Federal Census living in District 8 of Warren County, Tennessee.  He is found just two households from James and Francis.  This, however, doesn't mean they are Claibourne's parents, but it's a possibility I'm not willing to rule out yet.
On the 1850 census, we can see Claibourne was married to a woman named Sarah, and they had 3 daughters in the house: Mary J. age 5, Martha age 3, and Nancy age 2.  Mary J. Kidd was my 3rd great grandmother.  The census also states that Claibourne was 22 years old, and working as a wagon maker.
I have found online that others believe Sarah, his wife, was Sarah Allison.  As of today, I haven't been able to find a marriage record, or any other record, to prove this.  There was, however, several Allison families living in this same district at this time.  So it's a possibility.
By 1860, we see the family has moved to Kelley, Ripley County, Missouri.  We also see that Sarah was no longer in the household, and Claibourne has remarried.  It's very possible Sarah died, leaving Claibourne with 3 young daughters to raise.
His new wife is simply listed as "C. Kidd."  But if we look at the Missouri Marriage Records, 1805-2002 on, we can see Claibourne married Cinthy Freeman in Oregon County on December 30, 1852.  The household, in 1860, consisted of the following people:
  • CN Kidd age 30 (male) born in TN
  • C Kidd age 23 (female) born in IL
  • Martha Kidd age 13 (female) born in TN
  • Nancy Kidd age 11 (female) born in TN
  • C Kidd age 5 (male) born in MO
  • Jas Lee age 14 (male) born in MO
  • SA Lee age 11 (female) born in MO
  • C Lee age 4 (female) born in MO
  • Wm Ross age 19 (male) born in IL
  • MJ Ross age 15 (female) born in TN
Martha, Nancy, and "MJ Ross" were Claibourne's children from his first wife Sarah.  "C Kidd" who was 5, was the son of Claibourne and Cinthy.  His name was Claibourne Nathan Kidd.  The three Lee children may have been relatives, or friends, of Cinthy.  In the 1850 census, Cinthy was living with the George Lee family.  I haven't looked into the link there though.  "Wm Ross" was the husband of Claibourne's daughter Mary Jane Ross.  You can read more about William Ross and Mary Jane in a previous post I wrote last year.
On the website, I was able to find a Civil War record for a CN Kidd.  It stated he was in Company A of the 15th Missouri Calvary.  He enlisted as a private for a period of 12 months in 1862 for the Confederacy.  This particular document also states he had deserted as of "1 June 1862."  According to a website which refers to the Civil War in Ripley County, Missouri, the 15th Missouri Cavalry was also known as the "Independent Missouri Scouts," and didn't muster into Confederate service until 1864.
On, we can find another document regarding the Civil War, but this time it's a Draft Registration Record for the Union side.  On a "Consolidated List of all persons subject to do Military Duty in the Third Congressional District in the State of Missouri" we find "Kid, Clabourn" age 31 of Ripley County.  It states he was single, which isn't correct, and that he was born in Tennessee.  It also states that he has had no previous military service.  It's unknown if Claibourne actually fought for either side of the War. 
By 1870, we can see Claibourne has moved his family to Breton, Washington County, MO.  He is living there with his wife, Cinthy (or Cynthia as it's written on the 1870 census) and his son Claibourne, and working as a carpenter. shows a picture of the grave site for C.N. Kidd in the Miles Cemetery, in Piedmont, Wayne County, Missouri.  The stone says he died November 13, 1874.

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